Jill Mitchell

Account Manager

What is your title? Account Manager

What do you even do? Every day is a new day! I get the pleasure of working with business owners every day who are trying to grow their businesses and don't have time. So, basically I jump through hoops daily to make sure their campaigns are going smoothly. With one text or email, I can make sure an entire strategy is implemented.

What are you passionate about? As a single mom of three, I am always running (many times literally) to practices and games, helping with homework and trying to find time in between to just be a family. So, my true passion is travel! I love planning and taking trips where the four of us just get to forget the rest of the world and enjoy our time together and our surroundings.


Lauren Carter

Account Manager

What is your title? Account Manager

What do you even do? My attention to detail and customer centric approach has served me well throughout my career. I believe my laid-back demeanor coupled with a can-do attitude puts clients at ease. My wealth of knowledge and diverse background paired with marketing muscle and promotional expertise add value to clients every day.

What are you passionate about? Presenting the best version of myself. Uplifting people to make every experience warmer and more inviting.

Trisha Anderson

Account Manager

What is your title? Sales Diva

What do you even do? I help bridge the gap between businesses and the ever-changing world of marketing. I love helping businesses grow and helping transform them into something intentionally different than their competitors.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about my family, husband of 15 years, two sassy girls, our dog Lola, friends, enjoying life and getting up every day with a great attitude. Life is too short to sweat the small things!!


Bree Trudgian

Account Manager

What do you even do? I help business owners exceed their goals. I enjoy collaborating with my clients to find a strong vision for their brand in the present and in the future. I help drive business and improve growth through innovative marketing solutions. 

As the saying goes: “A comfort zone is a beautiful place to be, but nothing ever grows there.” There’s always room for growth and new ideas.

What are you passionate about? My family!! I thank God everyday for the opportunity to raise such strong and caring lil' men!

Secondly, I have a passion for people – being around them, learning about them, and helping them. I have the opportunity to work with risk-taking individuals to help improve their businesses every single day. They allow me to be a part of their journeys toward success. What’s better than that?

Lindsey Allen

Client Relations Manager

What is your title? The Rug That Ties The Whole Room Together

What do you even do? I make sure that nothing explodes or catches on fire, unless we want it to, in which case I'm holding the match.

What are you passionate about? People, animals and especially animals who act like people.

Tiffanie Hicks

Process and Content Administrator

What is your title? Expert Unicorn Wrangler

What do you even do? Great question - all the little things that help the big things keep going and anything else Lindsey tells me to do.

What are you passionate about? Breakfast @ Tiffanie's, empowering the next generation of leaders, and continuing my relationship with Netflix.

Brandon Kobs

Content and Strategy Manager

What is your title? The Colossus of Clout

What do you even do? I try to think of something funny to put on my bio, mostly.

What are you passionate about? Outside of being one of the only remaining Creed fans, I'm really passionate about having a good time all the time.

Kate Holmes

Content & Social Media Strategist

What is your title? Keyboard Kate

What do you even do? Spell-check and more spell-check. Basically, my goal is to make seemingly mundane things fun and engaging.

What are you passionate about? Aesthetics, feminism, equality, my nugget of a cat, Diet Coke, crafting, not taking life too srsly, the fam, friends, waffles and work.

La'Keesha Toles


What is your title? Fluff Writer

What do you even do? I wing it!

What are you passionate about? God! Netflix all day, reality TV, clothes/shopping, food.

Chase Spivey

Video Producer

What is your title? Memory Designer.

What do you even do? Admire, advise, amuse, analyze, arrange and attend.

What are you passionate about? Vibes. Shade. Caffeine. Science.

Blake Sullivan

Video Producer

What do you even do? Catalyze all facets of video production.

What are you passionate about? Anything associated with authentic creative expression, music, and my work.

Scott Rupé

Video Producer

What is your title? Video Goblin

What do you even do? I'm involved in all stages of video production, from concept development and writing to directing, lensing, and editing.  I collaborate with other members of the video team to produce some of the cleverest work in the lower 48.

What are you passionate about? Filmmaking, Writing, and Stuff.

Jonathan Burkhart


What is your title? Lead Picture Guru

What do you even do? I take A LOT of photos; Food, Portraits, Real Estate, Commercial, Editorial, you name it!

What are you passionate about? Sharing love in everything I do.


Daniel Mudliar


What is your title? Danny

What do you even do? Photograph and edit pictures of all different kinds.

What are you passionate about? Love, music, creative expression, and inspiring others.

Tiffany Moehnke

Web & Graphic Designer

What is your title? One Helvetica Designer

What do you even do? I get to express my creativity every day- it's so exciting! I create graphics, illustrate, and design logos. I'm constantly learning and evolving as a designer. I truly enjoy what I do, and I strive to be better than I was the day before.

What are you passionate about? Jesus, art, design, family, friends, traveling, coffee, love, and laughter.

Victoria Cano

Web & Graphic Designer

What is your title? Boricua Weirdo

What do you even do? I eat, sleep, and draw.

What are you passionate about? My cats and future dogs. Eating all the foods.


Ben Ezugha

Web & Graphic Designer

What is your title? Head Web Designer

What do you even do? Try to give things a cool visual aesthetic. 

What are you passionate about? Design. Men's fashion. Being active. Mentoring teens. 80's pop/90's r&b music. US/World/Black history. Going to the theater and writing movie reviews.

Ryan Plunkett

Multimedia & Operations Manager

What is your title? Multimedia & Operations Manager

What do you even do? I get to be creative and hang out with awesome people all day.

What are you passionate about? My team, music, my family, and awkward dancing.


Todd Utz


What is your position? Center Midfield

What do you even do? Get the ball down the field.

What are you passionate about? The gospel, my five ladies, Zambia


Clay Baker


What is your title? The Dude

What do you even do? Bring world class artists to business marketing, with face to face support.

What are you passionate about? Creating opportunity.

Earle Haggard


What is your title? Shooting Guard

What do you even do? Every day I try to make High Five Media better. A better company to partner with to take your business to the next level. A better company for our employees to grow their careers. A better company to serve the community and make Oklahoma City the best place to live.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about my Family. I have the best wife, Stacy, in the world. My kids, Bella, Lily, Claire, Lennox, Cale and Hank, are what drive me to be a better man.