Jill Mitchell

Media Sales Consultant

What is your title? Product Manager

What do you even do? Every day is a new day! I get the pleasure of working with business owners every day who are trying to grow their businesses and don't have time. So, basically I jump through hoops daily to make sure their campaigns are going smoothly. With one text or email, I can make sure an entire strategy is implemented.

What are you passionate about? As a single mom of three, I am always running (many times literally) to practices and games, helping with homework and trying to find time in between to just be a family. So, my true passion is travel! I love planning and taking trips where the four of us just get to forget the rest of the world and enjoy our time together and our surroundings.


Lauren Carter

Media Sales Consultant

What is your title? Marketing Strategist

What do you even do? Always looking for ways to step things up, to rev the engine and find new approaches to accelerate success in business and in life. I continually strive to fire on all cylinders and keep things running smoothly. 

What are you passionate about? Presenting the best version of myself. Uplifting people to make every experience warmer and more inviting.

Trisha Anderson


What is your title? Sales Diva

What do you even do? I help bridge the gap between businesses and the ever-changing world of marketing. I love helping businesses grow and helping transform them into something intentionally different than their competitors.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about my family, husband of 15 years, two sassy girls, our dog Lola, friends, enjoying life and getting up every day with a great attitude. Life is too short to sweat the small things!!


Lindsey Allen

Process and Content Administrator

What is your title? Front Door Troll/Sentence Chef

What do you even do? Day-to-day administrative duties, scheduling, reporting, maths, doodling and giggling.

What are you passionate about? People laughing at my bad jokes.  #acceptancegoals

Kelly Hughes

Social Media & Content Manager

What is your title? Content Beautifier Extraordinaire

What do you even do? Bring life and engagement to social media for my clients, edit and manage Linked OK, oversee the intern program and lead the social media & content department.

What are you passionate about? My cat (Fin), traveling, gardening, chickens, editing and designing.

Katelyn Holmes

Content & Social Media Strategist

What is your title? Keyboard Kate

What do you even do? Spell-check and more spell-check. Basically, my goal is to make seemingly mundane things fun and engaging.

What are you passionate about? Aesthetics, feminism, my nugget of a cat, editing, Diet Coke, crafting, not taking life too srsly, the fam, friends, waffles and work.

Nada Alkadi


What is your title? Internet wizard

What do you even do? Create and schedule social media content for our clients.

What are you passionate about? Mixing music

Levi Barrie

Video Producer

What is your title? Lead Red Button Pusher and Vibe Zone Strategist

What do you even do? I direct, produce, film, gaff, edit, write, capture sound, organize, troubleshoot equipment problems, and make bad jokes on occasion. Sometimes there are more bad jokes, sometimes there's more filming. Depends on the day.

What are you passionate about? Career/hobby-wise I'm passionate about filmmaking and the arts. I try to keep myself constantly creating. It's very fulfilling to me. In other life things, I'm passionate about reciprocating the love and support that I'm given by others, exploring new places when I can, and learning more about myself and the world around me.

Chase Spivey

Video Producer

What is your title? Memory Designer.

What do you even do? Admire, advise, amuse, analyze, arrange and attend.

What are you passionate about? Vibes. Shade. Caffeine. Science.

Scott Rupé

Video Producer

What is your title? Video Goblin

What do you even do? I'm involved in all stages of video production, from concept development and writing to directing, lensing, and editing.  I collaborate with other members of the video team to produce some of the cleverest work in the lower 48.

What are you passionate about? Filmmaking, Writing, and Stuff.

Jonathan Burkhart


What is your title? Lead Picture Guru

What do you even do? I take A LOT of photos; Food, Portraits, Real Estate, Commercial, Editorial, you name it!

What are you passionate about? Sharing love in everything I do.


Daniel Mudliar


What is your title? Danny

What do you even do? Photograph and edit pictures of all different kinds.

What are you passionate about? Love, music, creative expression, and inspiring others.

D. Brian Ward

Graphic Designer

What is your title? A-Game

What do you even do? I create graphics and illustrations, focusing on logos, advertising graphics (ads for Linked and other publications), brochures, fliers, web images and any other corporate branding pieces our clients need to promote their products and businesses.

What are you passionate about? I love art and creating art (I do photo-realistic pencil drawings and watercolors); I love to play tennis playing on several local competitive league teams and in tournaments throughout the year; I love photography and Instagram; I love OU Football and Thunder Basketball; and mostly my family! I also love to travel (specifically Italy and Southwest US) but wish I had more time and money to do it...

Tiffany Moehnke

Web & Graphic Designer

What is your title? One Helvetica Designer

What do you even do? I get to express my creativity every day- it's so exciting! I create graphics, illustrate, and design logos. I'm constantly learning and evolving as a designer. I truly enjoy what I do, and I strive to be better than I was the day before.

What are you passionate about? Jesus, art, design, family, friends, traveling, coffee, love, and laughter.

Reagan McCreary

Software Developer

What is your title? 
Defense Turret Engineer / Jewel Thief

What do you even do? 
I write software! I add extra functionality to websites, build cool stuff, and try to make everyone's life easier through automation.

What are you passionate about? 
- Music and video games as art
- Science
- Elegant problem-solving
- Social justice
- Protecting the planet


Ben Ezugha

Web & Graphic Designer

What is your title? Head Web Designer

What do you even do? Try to give things a cool visual aesthetic. 

What are you passionate about? Design. Men's fashion. Being active. Mentoring teens. 80's pop/90's r&b music. US/World/Black history. Going to the theater and writing movie reviews.

Jael Zumwalt

Web & Visual Designer

What is your title? Jay Z

What do you even do? I design and manage websites, launch email campaigns, and occasionally play hair & make-up artist for shoots.

What are you passionate about? Love, creative expression and much more. Didn't want to give a cheesy response, but man I LOVE love; you know, it's all you need, or something.

Ryan Plunkett

Multimedia & Operations Manager

What is your title? Multimedia & Operations Manager

What do you even do? I get to be creative and hang out with awesome people all day.

What are you passionate about? My team, music, my family, and awkward dancing.


Todd Utz


What is your position? Center Midfield

What do you even do? Get the ball down the field.

What are you passionate about? The gospel, my five ladies, Zambia


Clay Baker


What is your title? The Dude

What do you even do? Bring world class artists to business marketing, with face to face support.

What are you passionate about? Creating opportunity.

Earle Haggard


What is your title? Shooting Guard

What do you even do? Every day I try to make High Five Media better. A better company to partner with to take your business to the next level. A better company for our employees to grow their careers. A better company to serve the community and make Oklahoma City the best place to live.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about my Family. I have the best wife, Stacy, in the world. My kids, Bella, Lily, Claire, Lennox, Cale and Hank, are what drive me to be a better man.