What Makes You Happy?

It's a pretty simple question with a not so simple of an answer. Everyone is different with different lives going in (you guessed it) different directions, so the definition of happiness varies with each situation.

Maybe happy is your favorite food. 

Maybe your happy comes from a perfectly designed space.

Or possibly you derive great joy working on your craft.

Whatever tips the corners of your mouth up is worthy and important. In a world of fast paced insanity, it's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle or become inundated with bad news. At High Five we're all about facing the facts and reporting quality news. 

We also know how to have a whole bunch of fun.

We see the importance of showing gratitude year-round (not just around the Thanksgiving table) as a way to combat the blues and show appreciation for the beauty surrounding everyone--if they take the time to notice.

That's why we decided to take part in the 100 Days of Happy project, but gave it our own little spin. Thus #HappyWithHigh5 was born! Around the office we've been using it to detail things big and small that makes us happy (there have been a lot of dog pics).  We'd love if our readers took part as well, even if it's for one day! Taking a moment to show some love to the universe for the crazy, delicious, wacky, awesomeness that makes up every day is worth it. 

So what makes you happy? Big, small, everything in between works, we just wanna' know!


Photos Credit of Jonathan Burkhart Photography