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5 Ways My Internship at High Five Media Made Me Fall In Love With My Major

By: Gabrielle Hefner


If you didn’t already know - High Five Media Group is different. Intentionally.

Summer 2017 has been a major step toward adulthood for me. As much as the transition from my flexible college schedule to a forty-hour work week was a shock to my system, it was completely worth the loss of sleep and coffee overload! Instead of spending my entire summer soaking up the sun poolside, I got the opportunity to experience what a typical day truly looked like at my dream job.

It would be difficult to sum up an entire 240 hours of an experience, so instead, I’ll reveal to you how High Five made me fall even more in love with Advertising in 5 ways:

  1. The People - As cheesy as it seems, my coworkers were a great example of a “work family.” Everyone instantly welcomed and respected me as if I had worked there forever. I never felt inferior like the stereotypical intern does. Their diverse personalities came in handy for collaborating and kept the office dynamics interesting. This amazing team has spoiled me.

  2. The Work - Since the first day I started my internship, I was entrusted with big responsibilities. The best part was that my position was taken seriously and I wasn’t just running errands or doing busy work as I expected. I was assigned to the Content Department and was immediately depended upon to get my tasks done efficiently. From social media strategizing to helping create content, each project I was assigned was significant. In the beginning, I feared that the expectations would exceed my capabilities and I wouldn’t be working on creative projects using my graphic design skills. I couldn’t have been more wrong. High Five challenged my creativity, and assisting in graphic design was a significant part of what I did. Besides my weekly content duties, my schedule often allowed flexibility for me to join the video team for various shoots, which became one of the most memorable parts of my internship. There was enough balance of exposure to each department that I now feel confident going into my Senior Advertising courses and ultimately into my first job post-graduation.

  3. The Reward - As I reflect on my time at High Five, I’m overwhelmed by my accomplishments. I compare my internship to my friends’ that are working unpaid and overtime with none of their work even presented - just to work for a recognizable agency in a big city. I never expected to see my name in a byline on published articles, hear my radio scripts as I’m driving, or watch myself act in a film, but that’s the result of working for an agency that’s different. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been pushed out of my comfort zone every day and exposed to as much as possible in 7 short weeks. My initial reactions when something new was asked of me compared to how I felt after I completed it is the reward I’m talking about. I appreciate the intimidating unfamiliarities that turned into second nature. Overall, I have expanded my knowledge in the field, acquired new skills, and am confident that I chose the right path.

  4. The Growth - Growth is in High Five’s name. It’s just a silent G-R-O-W-T-H, pronounced /ˌhaɪ ˈfaɪv/. I didn’t expect my capabilities to flourish as much as they did in such a short amount of time, but growth can be infectious. The expansion of High Five’s client base, work-space, and race toward the top created a current that carried me along with it. Getting to evolve with them gave me the chance to see the reality of the journey toward a vision, making me love advertising more.

  5. The “WHY” - If you’ve seen Collateral Beauty or know anything about advertising and marketing, this is familiar to you. I have several “WHYs,” but for this point, I’m specifically referring to why I chose advertising, why I look forward to work, why I don’t want my internship to end, and why I chose High Five. Advertising is a perfect harmony of creativity and problem-solving, which is WHY I chose my major. The environment keeps me inspired, excited, and engaged, so that’s WHY I look forward to work. The fulfillment of seeing a client’s mission accomplished, enhancing my professional portfolio, and the momentum I’ve gained is WHY I don’t want it to end. I had many opportunities for an internship this summer, but after considering the options, I wanted a hands-on experience in every facet of the industry, and that’s WHY I chose High Five Media.

Pro Tips:

To fellow interns: Work hard - it will be noticed. Embrace the challenges - there will be some. Prepare to grow beyond your expectations - you will. Your coursework has prepared you, so be confident and completely immerse yourself in the field. The internship goes by fast because time flies when you’re having fun! P.S. - Earle will keep you on your toes.

To competing agencies: Dare to be different. Dare to give your interns more responsibility than they think they can handle. Dare to treat your clients like they’re your only client. And dare to take risks towards growth. At High Five, they’ve created an environment where the employees lift each other up. When you walk in the doors as a client or intern, the creativity and inclusiveness are noticeable and impressive. This is how they intentionally stand out. High Five has shown me what a successful advertising agency should look like. I credit and thank them for making me fall even more in love with advertising.

Ending this with a *high-five* of course. 

When it Comes to Social Media, Just Pick One

When it comes to social media, you should pick one platform and grow

Social Media is no longer something cool your business should have, it’s essential.

But with Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Instagram stories and Snapchat, it’s hard to know where to even start your social media marketing efforts. Often business owners make the mistake of spreading themselves too thin where it comes to social media that they are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Allow me to unpack this; if you are posting for the sake of posting on multiple channels, you are probably not saying anything of value to your customers. If you are not adding value, entertaining or informing customers, what’s the point of posting? Social media is an invaluable marketing tool but only when it’s used correctly and unfortunately, often business owners don’t use it to its full potential.

So here’s what I’m proposing to small business owners: Choose one platform and master it.

Running your business is a lot to chew, adding social media management of four different platforms on top of an already full plate is only going to leave you feeling drained, not to mention it won’t yield you any positive return on the time invested. Choose one and make it your focus for the next month. You probably have a favorite platform, or at least one platform you are most familiar with, so go with that and immerse yourself in learning everything you can about it. Make sure the platform you choose is where your customers are. For example, if your customers are mostly millennials you’ll have better luck catching their attention on Instagram than you will on Facebook. That’s what you're after at the end of the day: Attention. Research where your target market is spending most of their time online and go there. Understanding your audience is everything when it comes to digital marketing.

This is good for two reasons. First off, there’s only so much time in a work day and the last thing you want is to spend hours scheduling social media posts, after all you’ve got a business to run! By choosing one platform you’re going to streamline this entire process and cut out the time you’ve been allotting to this side of your marketing. Secondly, by choosing one you’re going to going to get pretty good at it. You’ll learn optimum posting times, what kind of content works well on the platform and you’ll be able to study how your target audience is reacting to it. Not all platforms are created equally, so what works on Facebook won’t work as well on Instagram. By focusing your efforts on a single platform rather than cross posting, you are becoming more aware of what works and what doesn’t. These details are what yield results, so it’s worthwhile to read up on your platform of choice and stay updated as they are constantly evolving. The social media landscape is a tricky one, one that’s changing more and more every day. Being up to date will ensure your marketing efforts are effective.

If this still sounds overwhelming and you simply don’t have the time or desire to immerse yourself in the world of social, we are happy to take this marketing piece off your plate. The content team at High Five Media Group is full of social media experts who pride themselves on staying up to date on all the latest social trends. We love all forms of social media and have accumulated knowledge over the years on how we can use these platforms to find your business tangible success.


Responding to Reviews

Whether it be rants or rave reviews, we've all seen our fair share of commenters and consumers share both positive and negative feedback via social media regarding a product or service. With the growth and expansion of social media platforms as a connection between businesses and their customers, interaction between the two has increased, for better and for worse.  

Reviews, both good and bad, can serve as an opportunity to grow and expand your brand, while also increasing customer satisfaction and positive perception about your company. So, how do you turn what could be a negative into a positive?  

The answer lies in a few deep breaths and a well thought-out response.  

Responding to reviews might seem like a daunting task, best left to the lion-taming type. However, with a little reconnaissance and some careful wording, customer reviews could turn into a tool to reach out to a larger audience.  

  • Relax. Don't do it. The first step to intelligently responding to reviews is to stay calm. Negative reviews can be unpleasant and, sometimes, downright rude. However, as the Rudyard Kipling saying goes, "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you..." Well, let's just say that keeping a cool head is always the better way to go.  
When you do get a negative review, the first thing you should do is take a breather,” said Shama Kabani, author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing and CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, in an article on “You don’t want to fly off the handle and do something to make yourself look bad. Especially if you think the customer complaint is false, your instinct is to react in the heat of the moment. But you’ll regret it. 
  • Linda, Linda, listen. It's no secret that negative reviews on social media can be a good way to get feedback on your business, products and services. If a customer voices their concerns or complaints, listen to what they have to say. Not only is this a good chance to potentially improve upon something within your company, but this is also an opportunity to retain a dissatisfied customer, if handled correctly.  


  • By all means, move at a glacial pace... When responding to reviews, it's important to respond quickly. With the speed of social media, things are constantly changing. Within hours, newsfeeds refresh and trends come and go. A quick response time shows that you're attentive toward the concerns of your customers. Many social media professionals suggest that your response time should be within a 60-minute window.  


  • #sorrynotsorry When responding to a review, apologize... and really mean it. A sincere apology can go a long way with your social media followers. It puts you in a human light and often garners sympathy about the situation from others.  


  • Private eyes. If at all possible, move the conversation away from public view. Solving customer concerns could be a lengthy process, better accomplished through direct message, email or a phone call. Not only will this allow you to get more detailed feedback, but you also have the opportunity to remedy a problem and shift attention on the problem away from the public eye. 

Video Production & Why it Matters in Marketing

Did you know the average person’s attention span has shrunk to about eight seconds these days? Only eight seconds! That means that most people won’t even make it through this sentence before they’re on to something else.

Still there?

Okay, great! Because High Five Media has a little secret to help your business attract even the shortest attention spans on social media.

Video! Video! Video!

Should we say it again? 

If you want to get noticed on social media, you need to be posting video content.

Especially custom-made video content. Why videos? Well, let’s take a look at the facts.

Video Compared to Other Techniques

There are a lot of attention-drawing techniques out there for social media. Two of the most common techniques are linking articles and attaching pictures. Those aren’t too bad.

In fact, visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content, and content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.

But video takes things to the next level.

The list goes on and on!

Why is Video Better?

For starters, you get to engage viewers on two completely new levels.

The first one is motion. It may sound obvious, but movement attracts our attention way more than static images do. That’s because motion can convey feeling or cause emotions in the viewer.

For example, imagine you want to inform your viewers about the dangers of oncoming trains. Which do you think bring up the sense of danger better? A speeding, moving train or a motionless picture of one?

The second trick up video’s sleeve is sound. Again, it’s obvious, but sound and sight together engage our brains exponentially more than sight alone. 

What you may not know is that sound can even change the way we see something.

According to a recent study by UCLA, sound affects vision in a similar way to how smell affects taste. 

Moving music or familiar background sounds might literally change how your viewers perceive the content in your video.

When you’re targeting social media goers, you need the emotional connection that video provides.

Your Video. Your Message.

A properly made video won’t just give information; it will connect the viewer to the personality of your business.

That’s what makes video more powerful and more crucial than any other social media tool, because that’s what why we get onto social media in the first place—to connect.

Want to see what your business’s video could look like? Check out these videos made by High Five Media!

What have you done to capitalize on the video trend?

Does Your Business Need a Pinterest? We Think Yes.

Pinterest…really? Okay, we get it.

However, according to Pinterest’s blog back in September 2015, the site has over 100 million monthly active Pinners. “But Pinterest is just for women,” you might say. Not true, folks! According to Ahalogy, the monthly active male population that joined Pinterest grew 120% in the year of 2015.  Check out this article on Business for Pinterest’s blog to see more statistics and facts. 

Bianca Bosker of The Huffington Post wrote back in 2012 that the secret to Pinterest’s success is that we are all sick of each other

What sets Pinterest apart and makes it so appealing is its focus on who we want to be—not on what we’re doing, where we’ve gone, how important we are or how beloved.” Indeed, the site is unique because the goal of its users is not to get more and more followers; rather, Pinterest users seem to be content with sharing ideas—not about themselves—with smaller pools of people.

So why is this good for your business, and how do you most effectively use it? Wouldn't you know, we’ve got three tips for you

1. Pinterest drives traffic to your site. 

Let’s face it: Pinterest may be one of the best ways to showcase your business’ products. Not only does Pinterest integrate your entire web presence—bringing together your website, Twitter, and Facebook—it can help you discover what your buyers want to have. 

This also means that you’ll want your site to be Pinterest-friendly. Adding the Pin It button to your website will allow your viewers to easily pin your pictures and products to their Pinterest pages, which will only continue the traffic you receive from Pinterest. 

Furthermore, you can go to Pinterest’s Business page and get more information on adverting with Promoted Pins. 

2.  Link, add descriptions, and use correct keywords.

Some of the biggest marketing mistakes made on Pinterest come when businesses forget to add descriptions or use the incorrect keywords. 

Paige Velasquez, social media strategist and Pinterest specialist at Shelton Interactive says this:

The biggest mistake brands and businesses can make on Pinterest is not utilizing the Guided Search tool to their advantage. When creating descriptions for pins, it's important to understand exactly what the user might be searching [for] when looking for a specific pin. The Guided Search tool allows brands to discover what specific terms a user will most likely search for based on a keyword. Creatively using the key terms that come up on the Guided Search in your pin description will most likely make your pin more discoverable when users are searching for specific pins.

Incorporating these details can take a little extra time, but they will help you gain the most traffic! 

3. Once you get that traffic, don’t forget to engage. 

Once everything is correct and in its place, you’ll have to make sure to post engaging content. The more you pin, like, and share, the more visibility you will gain. However, it’s a two-way street, and you do not want to post too much of your own content. You also don’t want to leave up outdated content. A good mix of diverse, fresh posts is the key to winning over your Pinterest followers. By engaging properly, you will create a subtext that says, “this company cares.”

While it is good to just have a presence, it is even better when you create a call to action. Your followers are always looking for more, more, more, and you must give it to them! Don’t be afraid to caption your posts and pins in such a way as to create the response you are seeking. “Tell them to visit the website for ore information, order, re-pin, etc.,” says Tim Lavelle, director of SEO and social media at U.S. Interactive Media. 

We couldn't agree more.

Do you use Pinterest in your business? If so, what kind of ROI have you seen?

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Twitter

Here at High Five, we breathe social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +— You name it, we’re all over it. And while all businesses may not share this caliber of zeal for it, they definitely partake.

In fact, it’s as essential now for a business to be active on social media, as it is to have a phone number. 

Among these platforms, Twitter is an indispensable constellation of it’s own. The micro-blogging site, known for it’s 140-character post limit, hosts 310 million active monthly users

Ten years since it’s conception, Twitter has hatched and grown into a powerful communication tool to show us how much can be shared simply by being concise. Almost every major company, from American Airlines to Amazon, utilizes the platform

If you’re not part of the Twitter-sphere already, your business could be seriously losing out. That’s why we’ve complied a list of reasons your business should be on Twitter.


Twitter is an ongoing global conversation, different from other sites like Facebook, because the interactions it facilities are swift and intuitive. Organic, if you will. It’s the kind of space where you can pull a person, or business, aside and address them directly. 

It’s likely that your clientele is already on Twitter, sharing their opinions and concerns about your industry or business directly. They’ll appreciate you all the more for listening and responding. 


Hashtags are ideal for branding. Create custom hashtags for your business and use existing ones too. Local hashtags, like #OKCeats for example, will extend your reach to local audience and broad ones like #FoodPorn will expose you to a larger community. Establish your personality, and let the world see what makes you unique.

Twitter is a great place to fully engage people in what you’re doing. Utilize hashtag competitions, live tweets on events, Twitter ads and chats to interact with your audience. 

As an added bonus, consistently seeing interesting posts from your business builds familiarity and trust with customers. You’ll be on their mind when they need you. 


Expanding your network goes beyond the customer base. When you’re active on twitter, it opens up a portal of communication to leading professionals in the industry. It lets you have a conversation with people you might otherwise not have access to. Just like you can see what your clients are up to, you can use Twitter to see what your competition is doing as well. 

Ultimately, you want what’s best for your business and to give it every chance possible at unrestrained success. So why not join this #party and make the best of all the opportunities it offers? 

Five Content Marketing Resources for Newbies

Content marketing, a word thrown around in the business world yet rarely defined. At High Five, we like to make sure everyone is on the same page and the same planet so let’s quickly break it down:

Content- consistent, valuable information through various mediums: articles, blogs, videos, pictures, social media posts, info graphics, etc. 

Marketing- the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service

In simplest terms, content marketing delivers valuable information to buyers in hopes that it will promote and sell a product or service

But, here’s the trick. 

Society is over feeling like they are constantly being sold something. They don’t trust you. I mean honestly who enjoys listening to that car dealer’s sales pitch, or furthermore, who actually trusts him or her? 

For content marketing to be successful, a business must master the art of intentional, genuine communication between their customer and themselves. Content marketing says, “Hey look at these DIY projects you and your honey can do this weekend.” Instead of,  “Come to Lowes, we are a warehouse full of building stuff.”

Oh, content marketing. How valuable you are to business when done correctly.

If you’re ready to dip your toe into content marketing, start with these five great resources

Search Engine Optimization: Want to make the first page of Google organically?  You first must understand the ins and outs of SEO.  

Blogs:  An easy way to create more content for your business is to enter the world of blogging. 

Video Content: If you read our blog post 3 Trendy Social Media Takeovers in 2016 , you know that video marketing is vital

Social Media: #Twitter #Facebook #Instagram #crucial

Content Marketing Plan: Even if you’re not Type A, having a content marketing plan ensures that your online presence will continue to build. 

What are resources you use for content marketing? 

3 Trendy Social Media Takeovers in 2016


It’s 2016, and man it’s going to be a sweet year for social media. As we research the possibilities, High Five can’t help but get excited to explore new video techniques and creative ways to approach content. Let's take a look at new trends in social media and see just how sweet 2016 will really be.


This isn’t a surprise for those of us who spend a shameful amount of time watching Tasty’s quick how-to videos (hello, cheese-stuffed pizza pretzels) and those darling kid videos. I mean who doesn’t want to watch a little boy in his dinosaur jammies wish you a good mernin’? We eat those videos up. In fact, more than 50 percent of people on Facebook in the U.S. watch at least one video a day, and that will only continue to multiply. Brands will need to get their creative juices flowing, since we believe that video marketing will be one of the, if not the most effective social marketing strategy in 2016. 

Social Commerce

Businesses are finally realizing just how much social media drives sales, but social commerce will surge ROIs (return on investment) in 2016. Last year, one-third of social media users said that they follow their favorite brands on social media and use these platforms to research before purchasing any products or services. Therefore, 2016 will focus on getting those researching to actually make purchases directly on their social media accounts. In 2015, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest began refining their systems to include buy buttons and other e-commerce capabilities in hopes to drive social commerce. But, be ready for it to ignite in 2016.  

Engagement Eruption

2016 will begin the eruption of engagement and we’re not talking about those wedding engagement pictures taking over your news feeds (those are here to stay), but the engagement between businesses and consumers. In a recent study, 70 percent of Twitter users expect a response from brands they reach out to, and 53 percent expect that response in less than an hour. Keeping up with every tweet, post, and comment is pretty taxing, and the demand for a more manageable way to respond is becoming a must. In 2016, messenger apps like WhatsApp will begin to fill that void in businesses’ marketing. Even Facebook announced their plans of a new Messenger to give customers the opportunity to talk one-on-one with their favorite brands. 

As well as new messaging apps, live stream video and 360-degree ads will give the consumers even more ways to engage.  Live video stream platforms like Periscope and Meerkat are at the forefront of marketing discussions. Businesses will begin streaming new product releases, live Q&A’s and behind the scenes footage to connect with their customers in a more personable way.  Also, with the release of the first 360-degree ad in 2015, we will see more opportunities to engage with ads in 2016.

What are some social media trends you've noticed on the rise this year?