The Intern Files: Darken the Lipstick “Forevermore”


Once upon a lipstick dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,

Over many a quaint, bright, or curious color in the store—

While I searched, eyes promptly stopping—suddenly the color, popping,

As of some one pointing quickly, making me search no more.

“Tis my color,” I held it up, “this is it, I know for sure—

The color I’ve been waiting for.”

I’ve never been much of a lipstick gal, but this sure was a fun experiment.

Dark lipstick is IN, and what better time to try something new than in the month of Halloween, a time of costumes and all things outrageous? says ‘90s lips are back, from maroon to deep purple-reds to black shades. The lipstick trend that drove parents crazy in the ‘90s is back and more powerful than ever. calls the throwback trend a little more 90s-mixed-with-70s: “glam but dark”. 

Trends are funny things.  Our culture loves them because they are fast-acting, short-lived blasts of novelty. Trends operate to catch our attention, so it is often our lack of attention (mindless scrolling) that draws us in. That’s not all bad though, right? Right! In doing some research, I stumbled across a study performed by Dr. Nico Bunzeck and Dr. Emrah Düzel. It explained that the part of human brains associated with reward circuitry is stimulated when presented with something new. Meaning, new things (like trends) give us neural payoff, almost like learning enhancement. Why do you think that we all know what’s trending on Twitter? It’s because we crave learning new things. 

New things stick with us, and something as simple as trying a new lipstick trend could help us learn things about ourselves. Trends are not only sources of novelty, but also sources of reinvention. So next time you’re thinking about trying out that new trend (like dark, dark lipstick), go all out for it! Maybe the newness will stick and you’ll transform into a new you—forevermore.  

What trends have you tried?

Source: Bunzeck and Düzel

Fall: The Glorious In Between

F. Scott Fitzgerald writes in the beloved The Great Gatsby, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

This week brought us our first tastes of autumn weather, and boy, it was glorious. So at High Five we started thinking: What is it that makes everyone love the fall season so much?

Pumpkin spice lattes? Boots and scarves? Football Saturdays? The end of the hellish Oklahoma heat?

Autumn is so appealing because it is the “in between". We're gonna' get deep here with some song lyrics. Are ya ready?

Ben Rector sings, “life is not the mountain tops, it’s the walking in between,” in his song “I Like You”, and it couldn’t be more true. The in between is where ideas come. It is the quiet time between life’s highs and lows where we can collect ourselves and reconvene with our senses. It is where long summer days are behind us and long winter nights are before us. The air changes, holding promise and whimsy. Along with that promise, the crispness of the air makes us more in-tune with ourselves; autumn is the time for growth and change, just like the leaves on the trees. 

Make the decision to embrace the changing season. 

Here at High Five, we are in betweeners (yup, it's a word). We’ll help you find yourself and highlight the things that make you “you”.  An endless fountain of creativity and ideas, we will help you find the best form of representation for your business. We will work with you and help you grow into your best. 

Here’s to fall (-ing in love with High Five). 

What are your favorite parts of this in between season? 

“I Like You” by Ben Rector