Branding is a tricky beast. It is all-encompassing and consistently makes you revisit the core goal of your business. At High Five Media, we have the tools, creativity, and know-how to help you zero in on what makes you, you. True branding starts from the ground up and consists of everything from color scheme to mission statement to whether or not you have a casual Friday. At High Five, we love a challenge and know that creating a comprehensive, cohesive brand for your business is a quest worth taking. 

Creating a logo starts with an understanding of graphic design, a knack for figuring out the theme of your business, and a team ready to communicate it creatively and effectively. Sound tough? Well it is! When it comes to creating a physical representation of your business’s core values, our graphic designers have years of experience and a long list of successes. Identity creation is much more in depth than what colors match; it’s about putting a face to a brand and creating recognition and individualityy through captivating design. 

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What’s in a name? Well a whole lot, actually.

As a marketing company in Oklahoma City, High Five Media understands that branding your business might feel like a drag, or worse, completely baffling. With social media management, advertising, search engine optimization, web design, and video production to worry about, how can you possibly create a cohesive brand and a cool logo?

With High Five Media, that’s how!

Our Logo Design/Branding strategy revolves around your business (duh) and we hire in-house, Oklahoma-based designers to help you. A few of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Maintenance
  • Social Media Management
  • Press Release Services
  • Reputation Management

If you have an issue with your logo or if you’re worried something is off-brand, all you have to do is call one location. We listen to our clients in our initial meeting, and in every meeting thereafter to ensure we produce content, videos, web design, and message that emphasizes all the awesome things your business does.

Basically, we’ll Instagram filter your business, and write a catchy caption, too.

Other services we provide for businesses in the Oklahoma City metro include, but aren’t limited to:

Video Production, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Advertising, and Media Buying

The High Five Edge: We’re hands on, on site, and pride ourselves in being responsive to your needs. You can bet when you call us, you’ll get a person who can help you. With something as all-encompassing as branding your business, it’s important to have someone (who’s nice!) that’s willing to work with you.