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We look for super rad individuals that bring a fresh perspective and creative ideas to the High Five table. Our company works with your schedule to make sure you’re getting the hours, credit, and experience you need to hone your craft. What are you waiting for? Apply to work with the coolest ad agency around.


Q – Am I qualified to apply?

We accept either juniors or seniors in college. While preference is given those majoring in some form of advertising/media, if you are interested in media and want to learn more, please apply.

We occasionally accept high school students to help them gain real-world experience and knowledge before they leave the nest and trek into this cold, hard world. If you find yourself on the younger side of this qualification – just send us an email with your internship needs and we’ll be in contact with you. If you’re a baby (a literal baby), don’t even think about it. The last baby intern was a total jerk.

Q - Is this a paid internship?

Nope, this is an unpaid internship. But, endless high fives, life-long friendships and a serious snack variety is available.

Q - How many hours a week should I plan on working?

Dependent upon the class requirement, most students average between 10-20 hours per week

The Low Down



It’s important to talk to your managers and coworkers. You’ll have regular, non-meeting convos to provide guidance and help while you’re here at H5M.

No meaningless errands

We want to make sure that all of our interns have a place and role within their team, so you won’t find our interns getting coffee or walking dogs. Unless they want to walk dogs.

Team Meetings

Team members from every discipline will provide a holistic view of how we work.

Speak up!

Interns at H5M are high valued teammates and right there in-the-paint with us. They provide a point of view that is valuable and integral to making everyone better. Plus, we want to keep up with what the young whipper-snappers are learning these days.

Take initiative

People here are open to sharing their experiences, wisdom and jokes. Jump in some huddles and give us your crazy brainstorming ideas. We promise it will help make the most of your time here. No idea is too bananas.

Work mentors

These are the people who will help you navigate life at High Five. Getting through life, work, and a Walmart self-checkout isn’t always easy.

Have fun and high five

Celebrate the wins, learn from the losses, and applaud everyone. Ad nauseum.

What Now?

You could find yourself interning in:

Web Design – The ins and outs of creating a beautiful, efficient, mobile-friendly website.

Graphic Design – Creative, useful, print-and-social ready, visual media

The Application

Just apply below and make sure you attach your resume!