People often say, “It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.” At High Five, it’s both. But not in, like, a scary, we’re-gonna-break-your-kneecaps kind of way. But in a personalized way. What we’re trying to say is at High Five, you’re like family. But again, we want to emphasize, NOT like a crime family, but, like, a well-balanced family who loves and roots for each other’s success. We focus on you, the individual, and what will specifically work best for your business.

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Media Buying

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. There’s also no such thing as free media. While you can’t count on us for free food (we have free tea though), you can count on us for media buying at a great value that specifically targets the audience you need. We employee a full range of media platforms including electronic, digital, print, outdoor, and event marketing. And we only negotiate pricing and placement that will ensure that the right people see your business.

Corporate & Sales Consulting

High Five Media has a deep understanding that while businesses may be experts in their industry, sales, managerial processes or leadership may not be their cup of tea. Incremental improvements in these areas can jump-start a business and get it rolling down the road, and that’s where we come in. Through our knowledge of leadership training, management processes and sales strategy, our team can provide corporate and sales consulting to help improve your business performance. Don’t hesitate to put any of our reliable, state-of-the-art services to work for your business.

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Reputation Management

Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can kill your business, especially if they’re bad words online. If your company has bad reviews, they can taint the reputation of your business quickly. When everyone has a voice, and everyone is a critic, it’s integral for your business to handle both negative and positive feedback. We understand how to handle negative content while producing new writing, which you control, that highlights the positive aspects of your business. Our business is to know the needs of your business to create strategic methods that improve your reputation. With our Reputation Management, the whole world can see just how awesome you really are.

Public Relations

At High Five Media, PR stands for Personal Relationships. It also stands for Public Relations, but mostly it stands for Personal Relationships. That’s because PR is an important, delicate and multi-faceted element of your business that is best supported when it comes from a place of personal familiarity and understanding. This includes how your business interacts with the public, such as media relations, media strategy, crisis management, press advisory, and media alerts. By building a personal relationship with you and your business we’re capable of ensuring your company’s face looks good from any angle.

Let our business change the business of yours.