We’ve built a video production team made up of experienced, skilled, creative professionals that produce, shoot and edit high-quality content.


We look for those with a sharp eye and great taste, who’ve got what it takes to keep up with our award-winning photography team to build bigger, better businesses through their camera lenses.

Web Graphics

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our Web Graphics team makes sure every beholder of our clients’ media content loves what they see.


Often it’s hard to find the right thing to say. That’s why our Content department provides all the right words for our clients.

Account Services

While some may say that A.B.C. stands for Always Be Closing, at High Five Media, it stands for Always Be Caring. Coffee (or tea) isn’t just for closers. It’s for account services people who are truly invested in the success of each client’s business. At High Five Media, that’s all of us.

And if you’re interested in our internship opportunities, learn more below!