We know a thing or two about a thing or two at High Five Media. And one of those things or twos, we can’t really remember which exactly, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO gives brands and businesses a larger and more precise impact by allowing them to target their reach based on geographical location and utilizing business-related keywords that are less competitive in their market. This allows prospective clients to find your business more easily and frequently through online search engines.

We provide quality ranking services for businesses in the Oklahoma City Metro and will help your website stay on Google’s good side. We achieve this by evaluating your web pages, Google places, social media outlets, and web content. After assessing your business, we incorporate strategic SEO-friendly tactics that improve your Google ranking.

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The second one of those things or twos (we still can’t remember which one it is specifically) that we’re super knowledgeable about is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The most important thing for an online business is getting noticed. And when it comes to getting your company noticed consistently, SEM is your golden ticket.

To make money for your business, you need to drive traffic to your website. And to do that, you need search engine results. Through Paid Search Marketing, your business can achieve this with more clicks. This translates into your business appearing at the top of Google search. That way, customers can find your business and do business with your business.

Our SEO packages begin at $399/month, and our SEM packages start at $599/month. Want to learn more? Contact us or drop us a line.

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Let our business change the business of your business.